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Creating Chico’s Next Community of

Massage Therapists

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Our next level 1 program is scheduled to begin in January 2022. We’re excited to help you become a massage therapist! Becoming a graduate of our school leaves you with a community of massage therapists, support as you embark on your new profession and the ability to help your clients heal.  Call today to join Chico Massage School’s graduating classes of 2021!

Book A Student Massage

We offer massage clinics where you can receive massage from students enrolled in the level 1 program. These massages are in a professional environment under the supervision of an instructor. Hour-long massages are offered to the public at $25 each as well as hour and a half massages for $40 each.

Book Our Event Space

Are you looking for a place to have your next workshop, host a special guest speaker, or have your next conference? Our new event space is perfect for your next team meeting or special event. Call today to learn more or to book your event.

What Our Happy Clients And Students Are Saying...

"My experience at Chico Massage School was great. It was such an informational and productive course. Having plenty of resources, staff, and provides a healthy nurturing environment for an aspiring therapist to develop. I couldn't imagine having studied anywhere else. With plenty of knowledge and guidance presented by the instructors, there is a vast range of information and experiences to be obtained and shared within the realms of massage. A very large point of focus within the school is self-care and creating your own individual practice, which I don’t believe can be found in many other places. Highly recommend signing up for the course and watching yourself grow as you progress!


Isaac C.

 - Chico Massage School Student Class of 2020 - 

"I have learned so much during my time at Chico Massage School. I came into this program with absolutely no knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, or massage in general. The program was set up in a way that allowed space for truly understanding the topics at hand. Although it is fast paced, it is laid out in a very organised manner where one can grasp things quickly and make connections seamlessly. Aaron, the instructor, really knows what he is talking about and explains the material in an easily understood and fluid manner. Candi, the other instructor and owner, is a total inspiration in every way and has so much to offer students (and the world). The pair of them encompass every aspect that makes a great learning experience - regimented, open-minded, knowledgeable, understanding, experienced, etc, etc. The add-ons to the curriculum is what makes this program really special. There is a whole business section of this program that sets students up to be an immediate success, with help right there as they make big decisions regarding how they want to take this new career of theirs. Coming from a business marketing background, I have been impressed by this section of the program and am honestly grateful that it is included. I have learned so much during my time here and have fallen in love with this profession entirely. I began this as a sort of guess at what I wanted to do with my life, and I am so happy and relieved that I took this leap of faith because Chico Massage School has made me feel like I absolutely made the right decision."


Rachel H.

 - Chico Massage School Student Class of 2021 - 

"My student massage was AMAZING! I am a huge fan of body work and this was a really affordable way to receive that. The students are great communicators and my massage was customized to my needs! On top of all that the clinic space is super clean, beautiful and professional. You get your own curtained cubical which I thought was awesome. Highly recommend!"


- Tessa R. - 

"My student massage was great! A VERY AFFORABLE way to take in a little self care. I saw Jason in his first week of hands on with clients. He honed in on some trouble areas without my telling him about them! The students are being well trained and very attentive. It was a very relaxing experience."


- Christa D. - 

"My experience with the Chico Massage School was amazing! I’m a big fan of taking care of your body and this is an EXTREMELY affordable way to do so. The students are amazing with communication and ensuring you’re comfortable during your massage! In addition, the space is very clean and calming! If I could give more stars, I would!"


- Shelby H. - 

"These student massages have been totally rocking my world. My body holds a lot of tension and needs a lot of muscle relief pretty consistently, so it's been nice being able to go get work done every week considering they are only $25/hour! I would highly recommend checking them out if you're in need of some body relief or even just some time to relax"


- Kaleigh N. - 

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