Accupressure 28 points

Course Description

Acupoint therapy is the root of Chinese acupuncture with a tradition going back at least 3,000 years. Acupressure evolved into modern Asian massage techniques. In China, gentle anmo—rub and press—massage and deep tissue tuina—stroke and pinch—were developed; while in Japan, shiatsu—finger acupressure—massage emerged. Students will learn how to integrate acupressure into their massage practice thus offering the pain relieving benefits of acupressure to their clients. Because acupressure reduces most pain
quickly and with less effort, the massage practitioner benefits by expending less energy.

Ancient texts clearly state the goal of stimulating acupoints is a qi sensation called deqi. Acupoints when properly located and stimulated are known by specific qi sensations, energy feelings that accompany the reduction of pain. Named acupoints are found at specific anatomical locations and produce unique sensations that indicate the qi energy is flowing. The most powerful acupoints for relieving pain are hidden. An ancient medical text described a test to locate hidden acupoints. When located and stimulated correctly,
hidden acupoints produce the most powerful qi sensations.

The class will include lecture, discussion, demonstration, and practice, giving students an opportunity to learn how to locate and stimulate 28 acupoints thus producing qi sensations. Students will also be taught methods of locating, evaluating, and stimulating hidden acupoints.

Learning Objectives

Students who prepare for and participate in “Shiatsu/Tuina” will develop a deep
understanding of the Chinese theory of yinyang and how yin and yang guide the practice
of acupressure. They will know how to correctly locate 28 acupoints using anatomical
information in free apps.

Students will be able to analyze the state of health of their clients and themselves and use
that evaluation in the application of acupressure treatments to reduce pain and increase
energy and vitality. They will be able to analyze the pain of their clients and use that
evaluation to guide the application of acupressure treatments using a step-by-step


Student Preparedness

Classes are offered at Chico Massage School to prepare for this acupressure class.
Students may want to also prepare themselves for discussions on healing, qi energy, types
of pain, and how to locate acupoints using medical apps to locate the 28 acupoints
covered in this class.

For students who wish to receive the maximum benefit from this class, quizzes and a
practical exam will be given during the class. Students who prepare and participate and
desire to take a test will be rewarded with a—smiley face —award. Students must request
the test for the smiley face during the Friday class.


Testing and Evaluation

Written quizzes will be given periodically during the class. A practical exam locating and pressing acupoints on the teacher will be given near the end of the class.


Introduction: discuss the theories necessary to feel qi energy. Demonstrate how to put the
theories into practice by locating and pressing 28 acupoints on yourself. Learn how to
talk about pain, energy, and acupressure to clients.

Classes: A review of concepts and theories to guide practice. Demonstrate how to locate
and press 28 acupoints plus other powerful hidden acupoints on yourself and a partner.

Review: the 28 acupoints located during the class. Practice producing the healing feeling
of the qi response unique to each acupoint taught.

Admissions Procedures

Each prospective student must provide the following documentation:  

Color Copy of their Identification

Admissions Agreement must be signed to down payment collected by one week before the course start date.

Down Payment (50% of the total cost of the class) Finaincial Agreement Complete

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