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City of Chico

Chico is the cultural and economic center of the northern Sacramento Valley, as well as the largest city in California north of the capital city of Sacramento. Chico maintains a special sense of community and small-town living as it has developed into a vibrant regional center for business, recreation, and cultural activities. It’s a magnet to individuals seeking an environment where you can live and work while enjoying unparalleled access to outdoor recreation and the social spirit of an involved community.

Bidwell Park

At 3,670 acres, Bidwell Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the country and a refuge for Chico residents. It runs from the heart of downtown up into the mountains next to town and boasts miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, a natural swimming pool, a nature center, a golf course, two disc golf courses, fishing spots, and numerous watering holes to beat the summer heat. Lower Bidwell Park is a 7-minute bike ride from class.

Bike Clubs

 Chico is a cycling community with plenty of bike paths, bike-friendly neighborhoods, and cycling clubs. It’s in the top 15% of most bike-friendly cities in the US. It hosts the annual Wildflower Century Bike Race in late April and the fun Seersucker Ride in May and Tweed Ride in November. There are several riding clubs, including Chico Corsa and Chico Vela.

Running Clubs

Chico is also home to several running clubs and races. Fleet Feet, Chico Running Club, and the Chico Striders all offer training, coaching, and companionship. Local races include Enloe Hospital’s Heart & Sole 5K, Run with the Law 5K, the Downtown Mile, and the Almond Bowl Marathon, which is named after the annual football game between the two major high schools here. There are terrific paved running trails in Lower Bidwell and dirt trails in Upper Park. You can run right up into the hills!