Deep Tissue Level 1

Deep Tissue Massage

Course Description

This is a Fundamental Deep Tissue class that will teach students how to use their deep tissue touch and palpation skills to safely release and balance myofascial strain in the body. The proper body mechanics of the students will be emphasized. Students will also learn how to assist in optimal structural alignment of their client’s body through their deep tissue work.

Deep Tissue Advanced Massage Therapy Course with Jean Louise Green

Course Objectives

1. Students will learn therapeutic myofascial release techniques that will help them
identify and safely balance strain in the body’s connective tissue.
2. Students will learn and demonstrate safe, proper deep tissue body mechanics.
3. Students will learn and demonstrate the proper use of their body tools.
4. Students will learn deep tissue massage sequences for prone, supine and sideline
5. Students will begin to learn how to balance the structure of the body.

This Course Includes Information on the following:

Understanding fascia and the role of deep tissue massage in connective tissue, proper
body mechanics for deep tissue massage, assessment of ease and strain in the connective
tissues, the importance of working with clear intention, how to move in the tissues using
proper speed and vector, myofascial release deep tissue strokes, prone, supine, sideline
and seated massage sequences with the client.

Course Materials Required:

Deep Tissue Massage: A Visual Guide to Techniques by Art Riggs ISBN 1-55643-387-5
Sheets, lotion, lotion bottles, hand sanitizer and nail maintenance tools.

Course Materials Suggested:

Trail Guide to the Body 5 th Edition, by Andrew Biel ISBN 978-0-9658534-5-3


Students must have successfully completed the 500 Hour Massage and Bodywork
Techniques and Hands-On Application Program.

Admissions Procedures

Each prospective student must provide the following documentation:  

Color Copy of their Identification

Admissions Agreement must be signed and down payment collected one week before the course start date.

Down Payment (50% of the total cost of the class) Finaincial Agreement Complete

For more information or any further assistance regarding course or admission, please contact us by visiting the link bleow.