Massage can affect DNA!

Doing massage on the human body requires an in-depth understanding of its structures and functions. In our second week of the spring session, our students are learning about anatomy & physiology from the microscopic level on up. We start by teaching them about cells and their chemical processes. 

This week, we’ve been learning the parts of a cell, called the organelles. We’re learning about the nucleus, which controls all of the cell’s activities. The nucleus contains DNA, which is like a recipe book for our bodies. DNA is divided up into segments called genes, which encode different traits, like eye color, and various functions in the body, like immunity.

Researchers discovered that massage can directly affect the expression of genes! Massage decreases genes that trigger inflammation, and it increases genes that lead to enhanced tissue healing. WOW! So when you get a massage, the therapist is affecting you at the DNA level!

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