Massage Therapy Level 1


Our 625-hour Level 1 Massage Therapy Program will give you the all the skills and knowledge you need to launch right into practicing massage therapy.

As a student, you will learn how to complete a client intake, perform wellness and therapeutic massage with proper body mechanics, and document your work. 

You will learn how to communicate effectively, ethically, and professionally with clients and other healthcare providers.

We also teach basic postural and soft-tissue assessments and how to design treatment plans.

You will also learn about contraindications for massage and how to accommodate clients with special needs.

In our business and marketing class, we give you the tools to start your own massage practice right after graduation.


Course Units

Anatomy & Physiology – 80 Hours

  • Organization of the body from the basic chemical level through cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems
  • All organ systems: integumentary, fascial, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive
  • Special emphasis on the fascial, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems
  • Hands-on learning of all of the muscles of the body

Kinesiology – 45 Hours

  • Orientation to the body, body planes, regions, and movements
  • Structure and movement of each joint in the body
  • Muscle actions and coordination
  • Biomechanics of movement

Pathology – 40 Hours

  • Basic concepts of disease, critical thinking, client variables, and accommodations
  • Inflammation and tissue repair
  • Common pathologies of each organ system, with special emphasis on musculoskeletal disorders
  • Risk factors to consider and research on the benefits of massage for each condition

Benefits & Contraindications – 21 Hours

  • Benefits of massage for indicated conditions
  • Effects of massage on the body, mind, and emotions
  • Effects of each massage stroke
  • Cautions and contraindications for massage, including conditions that require consultation with a physician

Health & Hygiene – 20 Hours

  • Review of infectious and non-infectious diseases, types of pathogens, pathogen transmission
  • Standard precautions, hand hygiene, therapist hygiene, barrier techniques
  • COVID precautions and protocols, cleaning and sanitizing procedures, proper disposal techniques
  • Care of linens and laundry

Documentation & Assessment – 31 Hours

  • Client intake and interview skills
  • Assessment of client signs and symptoms, posture, and gait
  • Documentation of sessions, including SOAP note charting and electronic files
  • Legal forms and HIPAA compliance

Ethics/Laws and Regulations – 10 Hours

  • Communication and boundaries
  • Licensing and regulations
  • Code of Ethics
  • Scope of Practice and professionalism 

Special Populations – 15 Hours

  • Overview obesity
  • Disabled clients
  • Injury maintenance
  • Athletes
  • Elderly, end-of-life care
  • Infants and childern

Body Mechanics, Self Care, Equipment & Environment Safety – 21 Hours

  • Daily practice and instruction in proper body mechanics to ensure career longevity
  • Self care, including stretching, self massage, meditation, breathing, yoga, tai chi, and the use of massage tools
  • Selection, use, and care of massage tables, chairs, bolsters, pillows, lubricants, and tools
  • Personal safety, client safety, workplace safety considerations, and basic principles of first aid

Business & Marketing/Laws & Regulations/Ethics – 24 Hours

  • Professional business communication and practices, including basic accounting and booking software
  • In-person and online marketing, building a website, designing business cards and flyers, creating social media content, and writing a business plan
  • Laws and regulations for practicing legally at the city, county, and state level
  • Ethical standards and practices

Massage & Bodywork Techniques and Hands-On Application – 218 Hours

  • Basic principles and techniques for wellness and therapeutic massage, basic strokes, draping, assisting clients
  • Extended focus on the most requested massage modalities: Swedish, myofascial, and deep tissue
  • Introduction to and practice of other modalities: spa, hot stone, reflexology, chair massage, craniosacral, trigger point, stretching, sports massage, PNF, lymphatic, prenatal, and integrative massage
  • Modifications for special populations: young, elderly, disabled, obese, pregnancy and post-natal, and athletic

Student Massage Clinic – 100 Hours

  • Daily practice of all aspects of client interaction – greeting, intake, assessment, massage, post-massage interview, and documentation
  • Practice booking and rebooking clients, setting therapeutic goals, and giving clients self-care directions
  • Experience working with a variety of pathologies and contraindications
  • Practice a variety of massage modalities and integrate them into each student’s unique style

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