Practicing Deep Tissue in Clinic

We are wrapping up our third week of deep tissue and clinic this week! The students have been learning how to slllllloooooowwwww down and dive into the tissues. We’ve been learning new techniques and approaches in class, practicing on each other, and then practicing on clients who come into the student massage clinic. It’s fun! 

Our clinic is open to the public Monday through Friday, with one 1-hour appointment each day at 5:30 PM. Our clients are really appreciating the convenience of the after-work time slot. Some of our first clients have been currently-practicing massage therapists, which makes for an excellent learning opportunity for our students. 

Tonight, we’re having a guest instructor, Jenni Miller, come in and teach the students her philosophy on deep tissue and show them some techniques. We’re all excited. Jenni founded the very well-respected Prana Endura Wellness Center, and she’s passionate about teaching barefoot ashiatsu massage. Our students and their clients will certainly benefit from Jenni’s teachings. 

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