Week 7: Muscles!

Our students are excited to be learning all of the muscles in the body. We are using Play-Doh to put muscles on small skeletons. We’re building up our models from the deepest layers out and exploring the shapes, attachments, and layers of muscles in our bodies. This is fun for the students and helps them visualize what they’re feeling under their hands as they do massage. 

We’re also studying kinesiology, the study of movement. We’re looking at the actions of each muscle and also how the muscles work together to produce all of the movements at each joint. Each movement of the body involves the recruitment of several muscles, and muscles play different roles in different movements. It’s fascinating! 

This week we are also working on our timing, flow, and techniques in Swedish massage. The students are practicing giving full-body relaxation massages. We’re preparing to offer massage to the general public in our student massage clinic after Spring Break. I’m proud of the progress our Chico Massage School students are making!

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